Welcome to the 13 Worlds of the Dragon Star System.

The 13 Worlds of the Dragon Star System are old planets with much varied flora, fauna and civilizations. As aliens (those not from the 13) landed and as technology advanced, each area of the different worlds decided how much modernity to embrace and what kept their own charm and feel alive. The 13 represent a vast plethora of styles and peoples, however, all natives of the 13 feel a connection due to the planet called The Annual Ring whose life force has been known to affect each other world. The 13 were numbered for the ease of which life is sustained on each world as interstellar travel helped establish knowledge of the system and not for distance from the Dragon Star. When the planets are lined up the order is: Dragon Star, 13, 5, 1, 12, 4, 10, 8, 9, 2, 3, 6, 7, 11. In this order the planets are named: Dragon Star, Fiery Sphere (13), Ore (5), Wall-Walk (1), Ebon Fog (12), Suspension (4), Oceanica (10), Shinning Beacon of Trade (8), Guild Force (9, 8’s sister planet), The Annual Ring (2), Strawberry Fields (3), Great Sleep (6), Great Arena (7), Forest of Metal (11).

An intrepid group of various mercenary adventurers sets out from the world of Wall-Walk.
Traveling the stars via old sea faring vessels and elegant orient express trains each updated with beautiful tech, adventures go from world to world searching for the promised portal. Aboard the Astrid’s Promise, they boldly go in search of a way to the portal to other planes of existence, and the ties to the old magics.

Who your character knows and is related to is an important part of this campaign as ancestry can influence inherited abilities as well as who your friends and enemies are. Having connections to various parts of the 13 also allows for beneficial interactions that could very much influence how well the party does.

Standard classes apply, but special options for things such as dusk blade, cavalier, gunslinger etc can be discussed if players have a really cool idea they want to try.

Characters need secrets, 3 points of backstory interest, goals, 1-2 alive characters of interest (can tie directly to any of the previous requirements), 1-2 dead characters of interest (same as alive one for tie in), consider religion or prestiege options…sci fi element is a must (but can be something you work into as you level if you present a plan)….depending on parentage and player desire, characters may receive one innate ability or attribute (a cantrip associated with a warlock father for example).

Players will probably want to reference 5 for rules etc, and will need dice (or a dice roll site) and pen and paper for story notes etc.

*I’d like to take a somewhat well-meaning GROUP of players that interact on a story-based adventure with intrigue and many battles. Thus story notes will be handy.

  • Images used for this campaign are borrowed from google image search results and are not mine. I do not wish to claim those images should be linked to this story for anyone other than the players. **