Arai Ikidzukai

Oni Bloodhunter


Bloodhunter Level 7
AC: 16 (17 Transformed)
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Speed: 40
HP 93
Hit Dice: 7d10
Saves: Strength, Wisdom

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 14


  • Kanabo: 9 attack, 2d6+6 Bludgeoning
  • Crossbow: 5 attack, 80/320 range, 1d8+2 Piercing
  • Claws: 9 attack 1d6+6 Slashing
  • Crimson Rite: +1d6 Fire/Lightning Damage
  • Transform: +1 damage

Other Abilities

  • Darkvision
  • Deal a bonus weapon die of damage on a crit
  • Gains AC from constitution and Dexterity
  • Can shapeshift
  • Once per long rest, when reduced to zero hp, go to one instead
  • Has advantage on tracking Fey, Fiends and Undead, remembering information about them and cannot by surprised by them.
  • Can reroll minimum damage on two handed weapons
  • Has advantage on all checks relating to sound or smell
  • Can transform twice per short rest

Magic Items

  • The Ebony Fly

Arai Ikidzukai

Arai Ikidzukai

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