Leslie Florelle Quest Giver for The Annual Ring


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Leslie Florelle Quest Giver for The Annual Ring
Secretly Leslie Tinkerfoot

The Deadwood monstrosity has to be dealt with so that any traveler or adventurer looking to visit the Annual Ring or help with current state of affairs in various areas may travel safely.

Why visit the Annual Ring? Jokingly locals have said come or the flora and fauna stay for the intrigue. It is a beautiful vibrant forest full of interesting wildlife and varied peoples along with ties to ancient knowledge and civilizations that continue to effect life on the rest of the 13. Elves are the predominant race on world, though literally all life seems to flourish there and many many other races either appeared to have been there from the beginning or have come to call the planet home. The fae are possibly the smallest life forms other than a vast insect population, however, reports of other beings continue to vary and due to the nature of the forest aiding in hiding it’s secrets many speculate that there are more beings there that are unknown than those that are.

On world issues range from local tribal disputes to ghastly beasts and of course portals. Portal theory for the world varies from those identifying THE tree itself as not only the source of life and magic on world and the system but possibly the source of portals, to a theory that a continual portal that roams the 13 originates from the Annual Ring, to a theory revolving around an ancient buried evil that is trying to escape and claim vengeance on all the lands of the 13 for some ancient wrong or possibly continued wrong-doing.

Talk has gone around of both a rise in lycanthropy due to activity on Annual Ring as well as a sudden resurgence of demon activity and the possible presence of old Baleglave magicians, however, none of this has been substantiated as of yet.

As to direct quests, the closer we get to world the more likely we are to have direct options for those looking to make some coin and help the system.

Arai, Magpie, Roger, Serphentos, and Tariel are gathered around Leslie’s desk when the rest of their party that had been in sleeping quarters join them. As the door to Leslie’s office closes, she clears her throat and tells the group she has three more major bits of information to discuss with the group prior to their arrival on Annual Ring, which will be soon.
1) The Landing Ritual
Each individual that arrives on or to Annual Ring experiences a brief vision state the moment their feet first touch the planet’s soil. Every time you return to the planet after time away the ritual again takes place. I myself have experienced the ritual 8 times. The visions are different for each person and sometimes they aren’t very clear. The reason/meaning for the vision may become evident while you are on the planet or it may take sometime and travel. It is not uncommon for some individuals to experience some sort of vision block where upon arrival a distraction or lack of vision takes place. For those that do not at first experience the ritual, during their time on world the block is typically lifted as they go about their journey or if they actively pursue the source of the block which is often apparent to the individual in question. It is not uncommon for ships visiting the world to send their crew out one-by-one to experience the ritual and enable each person to decide for themselves whether they need to remain on world or continue with their journey aboard a ship, that is how great the power of the Annual Ring’s landing ritual is and how greatly it is respected by those in the know.

2) Rooms
Now as to the matter of your rooms aboard the ship. Most of you have booked passage to the planet, the others may not be ticket-holding passengers but Judge Tempestrise has informed the crew that you are excused of owing the Astrid’s Promise any fare. As Fenriz has worked aboard the ship for some time and as Roger’s sister is expected to remain on board guarded by those of us that know her importance, we suggest that for the time being the young Princess be moved to the azer’s room and the other rooms return to typical passenger use until your party books further passage in the future.

3) Paths and Treasure
The last thing I wish to discuss with you is in regard to the decisions you will need to make upon arrival after you each experience the landing ritual. The Astrid’s Promise will approach the planet and land several hundred miles south of the great tree at a gorgeous tree house resort that serves as a vacation destination for travelers and an excellent starting point for adventuring groups. As you are well aware, the Deadwood Monstrosity must be dealt with before adventurers and travelers will be able to set forth on their journeys on the planet safely. This quest has been set months ago without being completed, sadly we have no word from the adventurers that set out to complete it or the travelers that have gone missing. That said, when you set out from the tree house resort heading north toward the Great Tree there are three paths from which to choose. The first path follows the stairs down from the resort along the trees and cliff side the resort rests upon and allows those that follow it to travel the ground below. This path may take the longest to reach the Great Tree, but it also ensures that those that follow it have the greatest chance at experiencing the most of what encounters and treasure there is to be had along the way. It also slowly advances in difficultly enabling those that travel it to adapt to the changes in terrain. The second path sets forth from a great lift that travels from a huge dock that extends out from the tree house resort. This dock extends so far that upon taking the lift down to the ground level, travelers set out past much of the earlier terrain on world and are closer to the middle area between the base of the tree resort and a swamp community much further along the path. This path has reportedly experienced massive amounts of rot recently due to strange occurrences in the region. The third path option sets out from the tree house along a zip-line and allows those that travel it to arrive directly in the swamp village of Procol. This is a more expedient means of travel that is not without it’s cost, as traveling the zip-line puts one at risk for minor injuries from the trees along the path and those that use the zip-line often arrive a bit exhausted from the journey. Each path has its merits and potential issues and likely encounters. Groups should discuss what they are most interested in experiencing and chose the path that best suits their needs. Travelers should be aware that the forest is dense, the terrain is almost as varied as the creatures one might encounter. The extensive hidden and varied treasures often found in the forest are one of the major lures for those that explore the world and the more time spent exploring the world the more possible exciting and interesting adventures of note with potential magical awards await those that set out to experience all that the Annual Ring has to offer.


Leslie Florelle Quest Giver for The Annual Ring

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