Roger the human lore bard and pendragon



Missing since night of the explosion after he rescued Lavendar from the Baleglaves.

Metal Hands-chosen
lvl 7
ac=without scales when surprised 15, otherwise with scales 16
prof bonus= +3
speed=30 (climb speed same)
hp= 98
hd=5d8 and 2d10
Saves: Dex and Cha

str =9 -1
dex =18 +4
con =16 +3
int =17 +3
wis =15 +2
cha =18 +4

Claws: 1d10+2
Lightning Breath Attack: 1d6 20ft line
Rapier: 1d8+9
Jeff: 2d8
Shotgun 3d8 (30/90)
Nailgun 3d8 (30/90)

Other Abilites
-everyone gets a extra d6 of hit dice on a short rest
- a d8 of inspiration 4 times per rest
-Inspiration dice can be used to lower enemies attack rolls
- I can cast disguise self as a action without using spell slots
-I am weak to radient damage
-My actor feat allows me to copy the voice of someone i have heard for at least a minute.
-I can speak read and write common and draconic
-My familiar Jeffery can scout ahead and allow me to know what he has seen. If Jeffs hp drops to 0 he dissipates and returns to me.

Magic items
-Boots of Elven Kind (Advantage on stealth)



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